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Questions from a newbie
  • First off, I'd like to say the lineups year in year out got us. But also the passion you cruisers have for this cruise and the music is awesome! My wife and I still go to a lot of concerts, still teenagers at heart.
  • Are the meet and greets, photo ops worth the wait and bringing something to have signed. Or do you miss too many performances?
  • Also what's a good hotel and transportation from airport and to cruise? Does hotel help with this?
  • last year was our first and it was awesome. I dont knoow about the meet and greets i just enjoyed the music. we used the ocean sky transportation to get from the airport to the hotel and it was 45 dollars a taxi was 40. we also used ocean sky to get from the hotel to the cruise terminal they charged us 45. we used a taxi to get from the terminal to the hotel and it was half that price
  • We used uber alot while in ft. Lauderdale. Never waited more than ten min. to get picked up. Airport to ocean sky was under $20.  Bar to bar trips out on the strip were around $5.
  • many hotels have shuttles from airport and to cruise port, we use taxi from cruise because its much faster back to our hotel 
  • Thank you to those who responded to my question on hotel and transportation. We chose the quality suites that someone posted a deal on RLC fans Facebook. Came with transportation. How are the lines at the photo ops with the artists? Do you miss too much with the shows? Should I bring a few things to get signed?
  • Cellardweller : The lines can be very long for the meet & greets and photo ops. They will over lap performances and you do miss out on some of the shows. Meet & Greets and photo ops are two separate things. In most cases, the artists will only sign items at meet & greets . Only bring one or two items max. The thing is , you will not have the schedule of meet & greets and photo ops until we get on board so planning ahead for those is impossible. You will have a band schedule ahead of time, though.  I have only done a few meet & greets over the last 5 cruises and they have been ones that I feel passionate about. If there are one or two artists that you really would love to meet , then once all of the bands are announced, just plan on those and take items for those artists.Even if they don't have a meet & greet scheduled, you may still see them out and about and ask ( politely) if they would sign it for you. In most cases, they will. Hope this helps and welcome !
  • Wolfcrusin. Thank you for the info. I think you covered my question well. I going to bring a couple things to have signed but want to see as many of the bands as we can
  • Glad I could help, Cellardweller. I would be glad to answer any question that you might have. I haven't been on here too much lately, but will start checking in on a regular basis again.

  • Also think about who and what's important to you. Chances are you won't be able to see all the bands but if you play your cards right and make a plan when they release the band schedule, you could probably get in quite a bit. We arrived to the important (to us) concerts very early to be as close to the stage as possible. We arrived to any photo op or m&g early. Pam and crew do a fantastic job trying to get everyone in and out. For example, Pat Benetar and Neil Gerardos line for the photo op was as long as the ship but everyone got in. Each band if I recall plays about 3x during the cruise, once on deck, once on the ice and once in the theatre. So plan carefully, don't worry about eating , that'll come some where in between. Everyone is so nice, everyone looks out for each other and I'll tell you this.... It'll be the best time you'll ever have. Oh yeah one more thing. If you've cruised before, this is NOT a cruise. Well it is, but I'd consider it more of a floating rock show. Bands play from 10am-2am. So I wouldn't worry about too many bathing suits.
  • Hey rockcruisers My wife and I are driving to our condo in SC right now where we will fly Ft Laud. For cruise. Been ‘training’ all are lives for this having seen 300+ shows since we were teenagers, 3 children raised and on their own. WE ARE SO READY FOR THIS. We can’t wait to meet you all that love to rock!
  • Cellardweller:  Do yourself a favor and take uber to the ocean sky hotel wed. night.

    We had about 500 or so cruisers there last year for a pre cruise party.
    They opened up the banquet hall for us and had a dj playing music from the bands on the cruise.
    They had 2 bars open and we were allowed to byob.
  • To Pam, staff, the artists, and all the cool cruisers,
    My wife and I had the time of our lives. Everything was perfect. A Very well run event. Everything we heard about this cruise was true, Thank you to Don from the Facebook fans for setting up the Quality suites cruise port deal. Met a lot of cool cruisers there especially Pete and Pam they were so cool, took us under their wing a little, so we knew what to expect. When we we were driving up to the ship, when I saw the ship, I got a little chocked up. We knew this was going to be special. The artists we met were so nice. Artimus, pat and Monica Travers, Phil from Hatchet James Durbin Greg T Walker and the rest made the trip so cool, so approachable. All the people on the cruise were super. Started off asking ‘how many cruises?’ And conversation was on. It was super concert talk. Pam, Thank you it’s great what you do This is to benefit a worthy cause.
    Thank You All
    Bob and Bonny
    The newbies
  • Nice comments Cellardweller, so glad you enjoyed it!  Assume you will be joining the rest of us again in 2019!
  • Hi Judy yes we are in. Can’t wait!!! We both loved every minute of it.

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