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Elbo Room Wednesday Night Anyone?
  • I know a lot of folks are staying at Ocean Sky and planning a pre-cruise party there on Wednesday night. John and I will try to stop by there for a little while but we really liked the vibe at the Elbo Room last year and are planning on going there again.  Anyone else?
  • we may wander down to the elbow, or should i say stagger down.   lol    its getting close.
  • Hi Sammie!  It's getting very close.  We'll see you at the Tropirock sometime on Wednesday afternoon I'm sure before heading to the Elbo Room!  
  • Looking forward to  visiting the Elbo Room. See you there.

  • now i'm torn ocean sky or elbo room?????
  • ohhh poo that was for 5 which is the only one we missed due to my health but we are soooooo ready for 6

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