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Invite code for discussion forum
  • Due to spam we now require an invite code to participate on the discussion board. If you need one just email me pmyers@naha-inc.org
  • Cabin with balcony still available
  • Patty - refer to the "Cabin for Sale" thread; someone is trying to reach you about your cabin.
  • Pam, thanks for the input, now I got it.  That is why I could not enter the discussion forum on RLC - III and IV, I interchanged my my username for my password.  After being denied access time after time, I just viewed the messages from the others.
  • No, they split it up if asked. First cruise went with fiance and did one card, se ond one went with a buddy and did seperate....
  • Do I need an invite code if I'm already posting here?
  • Whysper are you bored with lack of announcements for 2017? Just a bit more I promise!
  • Yeah, I quit facebook so I have lots of time on my hands now.
  • Hi Rock'n Mates,

    I really want to coordinate a FLASH MOB while on-board the ship. It is
    the perfect venue for such a caper. Please let me know if you and or
    your cabin mates want to participate in this epic event.

    Also, If
    you are a band member and willing to let us choreograph a Flash Mob to
    a song during one of your shows, please let me know. If your not a band
    member, but want to suggest a good song to do the Flash Mob to, I'm
    open to suggestions.

    ... See More
  • Thank You Pam for the invite !!!
  • just checking to see if i can post
  • woop woop

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